The RICS Condition Report

The RICS Condition Report

Our property Condition Report gives you a clear, concise picture of the condition of your new home.

The RICS Condition Report is a summary of the main risks associated with the purchase of your new home and includes all the information you need about the condition of the property not covered by a mortgage valuation.

This report is our ‘level 1’ survey and is designed for modern, newly renovated or newly converted properties where there is likely to be much less to report.

The RICS Condition Report aims to tell you about:

The Construction

An outline of how the property has been built.

Urgent works

Details of any serious defects that need urgent attention.

Elements of note

Details of things that need further investigation to prevent serious damage to the fabric of the building.

Safety concerns

Any defects or issues which may be hazardous to safety and where further enquiries are needed.

This level of property condition report is designed to be cost-effective and uses a simple traffic light (red, amber, green) colour code, making it easy to identify any areas of concern.

Our inspection will include a walk around the outside and inside of the property, without entering private land and with binoculars where appropriate. Inside the property, we will not move furniture, lift carpets or undo fitted panels. We will carry out a head and shoulders inspection of the roof void but will not fully enter the void.

The report will highlight any potential ongoing structural movement, significant dampness or timber problems, whilst also providing an overview of the building’s construction and defects that are likely to be present in a property of the particular age and style. Any defects or issues that are a risk to health and safety will also be identified.

If defects cannot be readily assessed on a single visit, or require specialist knowledge, and depending on the results of the Condition Report, it may be necessary for further, specialist reports. You may need a ‘level 2’ RICS Homebuyers Report and Concise Survey.

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