Restricted Resale Covenant Valuations

Restricted Resale Covenant Valuations

Our Restricted Resale Covenant Valuations help you understand your value in the property.

Various Government schemes over the past few years have meant some properties are sold with ‘covenants’, or legally binding agreements.  These sometimes means the property can only be sold on to a first time buyer, a local person, or at a certain percentage of ‘full market value’.

The process of selling a property owned under one of these schemes, can often be confusing. Many estate agents and solicitors do not realise that a valuation needs to be carried out by an RICS Registered Valuer to provide a market value before the sale or transfer of the property can go through.


Overview of the property, its construction, location and accommodation.


Overview of the property’s general condition, with photographs.

Comparative Valuation

Details of nearby properties that are similar to yours and have been sold within the time frame required by the housing association.

We have worked with numerous housing associations and have specialist knowledge in providing reports compliant with their often-contradictory guidance notes for surveyors.

In addition, we can also provide valuation advice in connection with the Right to Buy scheme, whereby a tenant can purchase their council or housing association house at a discounted rate. We have extensive local knowledge in working with local councils and tenants over challenged landlord valuations by providing a conclusive valuation report based on sales of similar property in the area.