Probate & Inheritance Tax Valuations

Probate & Inheritance Tax Valuations

Our Probate and Inheritance Tax Valuations help you clearly understand the value of a property at a time of loss.

In the sad event of the loss of a loved one, an essential duty of the executors and the solicitors is to determine the full value of the deceased person’s estate. This valuation is reported to HMRC to help determine how much (if any) Inheritance Tax is due to be paid.

A person’s property/properties are usually a significant element in the valuation of the estate. For Inheritance Tax purposes, any property valuations must be based on Market Value and undertaken by a Chartered Surveyor.

Estate Valuation

A full valuation of the properties within the estate to determine how much inheritance tax is to be paid.

Red Book Compliant

RICS Valuation Standards valuation carried out by a Chartered Surveyor.

We have extensive experience of providing Probate and Inheritance Tax Valuations. We can provide valuation advice on any residential or commercial property throughout the East and West Midlands.

At a time of loss, it is important for things to be as simple as possible, so at Ernest Hawk we ensure all our Probate and Inheritance Tax Valuations are swift and straightforward. We can report either directly to the executors or the solicitors dealing with grant of probate to ensure that what can be a difficult time is made as smooth and hassle free as possible.